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Massimo Domini

Managing Director

Massimo Domini has been active in Corporate Finance and M&A for 15 years in SRI Group, one of the main M&A advisory companies In Italy, leader in the SMEs segment.

Massimo led and managed several M&A transactions, being advisor of Italian SMEs but also backing Private Equity funds and Investment Holdings. Thanks to his expertise, through the years, Massimo has also been appointed independent and non-executive board member in various companies and financial institutions.

Massimo has an Economics degree from the University of Bologna and an MBA from the SDA Bocconi Business School of Milan and started working in management consultancy, where he remained for nearly 10 years, focusing on projects in various fields like business development, incorporations and partnerships, organisational and commercial restructuring, industrial planning, strategic marketing and brand extension. Massimo has held main positions in some of the most important companies in the industry like VV&A, Butera & Partners and NPV Spa.

Today, Massimo is an M&A and Corporate Finance expert, being the Managing Director of the Italian business of SRI Group.