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The SRI Group provides consultancy services covering all the different stages and aspects of the M&A process, including the disposal or acquisition of shares, capital increases, the sale of assets and other related transactions.

We act sell-side, finding suitable counterparts for our clients to not only maximise value but also to create potential synergies that will be instrumental in future long-term growth.

We can also act buy-side, identifying potential European acquisition targets for institutional and industrial investors according to their specific strategic objectives.

Corporate Finance

The SRI Group specialises in helping SMEs obtain ad hoc debt finance solutions that meet their needs, as well as in restructuring their existing bank debt.

Furthermore, through our specialised office in Brussels we offer expertise and assistance in accessing both direct and indirect EU grants and funding (link to the EU-Funds Platform)

International Business Development

The SRI Group supports SMEs and multinationals in reaching their international business objectives through strategic consultancy services that are specifically geared towards foreign market entry and growth. Such services range from business planning, corporate restructuring and change management to marketing and sales development.

Equity Proprietary Investments

The SRI Group selects specific opportunities in which it directly invests its own resources to become an equity shareholder, typically in Italian SMEs and financial institutions.