Access to finance for SMEs - meeting in Brussels                                                              11/10/2019

The first meeting on ACCESS TO FINANCE took place yesterday in Brussels at the European Parliament, in the presence of Dr. Armando Melone (DG GROWTH), the SRI group (SRI GROUP GLOBAL) represented by the President Dr. Giulio Gallazzi, and the members of the Commission ITRE (industry, research and energy of the European Parliament) MEP Aldo Patriciello and MEP Massimiliano Salini (PPE) . The meeting has opened a strong comparison between institutions, private companies and representatives of the banking world, to illustrate the opportunities offered by the synergies applicable to the COSME European Commission program for the access to finance.


The aim of the COSME program is to stimulate the granting of loans and risk capital through specific financial instruments executed by intermediaries affiliated with the European Commission for specific management programs (INVEST EU and SINGLE MARKET PROGRAM) already available in residual expenditure on this program 2014-2020 and with a renewed and broader budget in the next programming period 2021-2027.

For the new period of European Programme, as explained by Mr. Salini,  the Parliament requests the classification and the Cluster identifying SMEs, while Dr. Armando MELONE explained how the European Commission works with financial institutions to improve the avalaibility of funds and stimulate the granting as shareholders of the EIF Investment Funds (European Investment Fund) .


Giulio Gallazzi opened the conference with the presentation of the group, a global group that has always been present on the financial scene and with a focus on the needs of businesses, the weaknesses of management structures and the ability to interact on a financial and international level. The ability to innovate, explaining the importance of being supported by advisory and consultancy groups necessary to reach critical success factors.


The interventions of Massimo Domini and Marina Bresciani respectively managing directors of SRI GROUP ITALIA and SRI GROUP EUROPE have shown how to plan together and assist companies becomes a fundamental condition to achieve the objectives, making the Milan and Brussels offices avalaible for assistance.

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