Access to finance for SMEs - meeting in Brussels                                                                 11/10/2019

The first meeting on ACCESS TO FINANCE took place on October 9th in Brussels at the European Parliament, in the presence of Dr. Armando Melone (DG GROWTH), the SRI group (SRI GROUP GLOBAL) represented by the President Dr. Giulio Gallazzi, and the members of the Commission ITRE (industry, research and energy of the European Parliament) MEP Aldo Patriciello and MEP Massimiliano Salini (PPE)..

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ASSIETTA acquires MIX S.r.l                                                                                                20/12/2018

20/12/18 - SRI-NPV acts as sole business advisor to MIX S.r.l. in the sale of the company to Assietta Private Equity  ..

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New Business Office in Brussels                                                                                               26/11/2018

SRI GLOBAL will be focusing on key core business areas in Europe and Asia and as a result has sold its shareholding of SRI America to the current minor shareholder, however, the Group will continue to have a local professional presence in Mexico. For this reason, in parallel the Group has established new business offices in Brussels to develop specific corporate services for all its clients, focusing on EU institutions.

SRI GROUP Global establish a new legal entity in Brussels                                                     17/10/2018

SRI GROUP EUROPE will offer to the group clients opportunity to increase relationships and presence with Brussels Base European Community institutions to support companies to identify and develope financial opportunities with the European Funds.

SRI GROUP Global invests and acquires NAK Fashion Ltd. majority stake                                 14/06/2016

SRI GROUP Global announces the acquisition of the majority stake of vegan shoes brand NAK FASHION Ltd.

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Conference in Brussels                                                                                                     25/09/2019

On October 9th 2019, SRI Group Europe Sprl in collaboration with European Commission, European Parliament, European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research, Telecoms & Energy will held a Conference at European Parliament headquarters in Brussels on ongoing politics finalized on funding access improvement..

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